Workshop: (Un)friendly Robots

Workshop with Prof. Andreas Muxel & Elias Naphausen


Performing human emotions – Robots are no longer restricted to their safety cages in deserted factory halls. They take more and more part in our daily lives and new relations of human and machine need to be discussed - partner, assistant, opponent? How does an autonomous machine perceives us, learns with us and how can alternative forms of non-verbal communication be established? In the workshop we will map the results of an emotion classifier to actuators and translate our facial expression to the movement of a robot. By customizing appearance and kinetic behavior, we explore different aspects of interaction with emotion aware systems. Please bring your own laptop, we bring the rest! Let the robot dance your smile! Will you dance his?


1,5 h max. 12 participants



roboter modules (based on Arduino), ml5.js, P5.js, mixed materials