Thursday, September 17

For everyone who wants a hands-on start to the dai digital. Your workshop host Alsino Skowronnek introduces the basics of machine learning. Outcomes will be shared Thursday evening. Capacities are limited, outcomes will be shared on the dai digital hub platform.



10 am (CEST, Berlin)
Workshop by Alsino Skowronnek

Creative Applications of ML on the Web (for {Absolute} Beginners)


Let’s kick the digital conference off with some introductory notes.


2.30 pm (CEST, Berlin)

Introduction by organizers Marc Engenhart and Prof. Dr. Sebastian Löwe

Our six keynote speakers all elaborate from their particular perspective on the question of new paradigms, rules and principles guiding design with machine learning. The keynotes are pre-recorded and may be accessed prior to the conference for your own convenience.


2.40 pm

Keynote by Prof. Dr. Qian Yang, Cornell University, CIS, Pittsburgh

3.10 pm

Keynote by Dr. Rebecca Fiebrink, University of the Arts London

3.40 pm

Keynote by Andreas Refsgaard, Copenhagen

4.10 pm (10.10 am, Eastern Standard Time, New York)
Keynote by Prof. Sven Travis, The New School Parsons

4.40 pm (10.40 am, Eastern Standard Time, New York)

Keynote by Gerhard Anger, ART+COM

5.10 pm (11.10 am, Eastern Standard Time, New York)

Keynote by Patrick Hebron, Adobe

After their keynote address, our speakers synthesize their topics in a moderated live roundtable and preliminarily answer mutual questions together with the audience. Time to get involved and raise your questions!

5.40 pm (11.40 am, Eastern Standard Time, New York)
After-keynote round table with Gerhard Anger, Dr. Rebecca Fiebrink, Patrick Hebron, Andreas Refsgaard, Prof. Sven Travis and Prof. Dr. Qian Yang moderated

by Verena Dauerer.


7 pm - 7.30 pm (13.00 am, Eastern Standard Time, New York)

Digital Reception with Marc Engenhart and Sebastian Löwe. You can get together and have a drink with organizers Marc Engenhart and Sebastian Löwe, while enjoying the presentation of the outcomes from the workshop "Creative Applications of ML“. Alternatively, you could join an individual breakout session with one of the keynote speakers.

Friday, September 18

Let’s introduce the 2nd day’s line-up.



10.45 am (CEST, Berlin)
Introduction by organizers Marc Engenhart and Sebastian Löwe


We start the day with an experimental discoursive format. Anika Meier, Manuel Rossner, Klaus Neuburg, Sven Quadflieg and Simon Nestler open up a joint discussion on topics of ml-driven design and the role of designers, as well as ethics and politics. The audience’s participation is more than welcome. The second panel then puts an emphasis on GANs and their creative implementation. 


11 am

Prof. Klaus Neuburg, Prof. Sven Quadflieg, Prof Dr. Simon Nestler

Will Artificial Intelligence Make Designers Obsolete?

Manuel Rossner, Anika Meier

If technology is the answer what is the question?

12.45 pm

Nikolay Jetchev (Zalando Research)

Deep Generative Models: How Image-Based Style Exploration Can Help Fashion Customers, Designers and Artists

Felix Molitor (EyeQuant)

Predicting Human Attention and Perception in the Blink of an Eye

Energize – break (2.30 pm - 3.30 pm)

In the afternoon, Jan-Henning Raff and Steven Skaggs present their theoretical frameworks for ml-driven design practices, followed by intelligent design use cases and hands-on expertise from IBM and EyeQuant. 

3.30 pm (9.30 am, Eastern Standard Time, New York)

Prof. Dr. Jan Henning Raff

A Model to Identify the Data Needed for AI-driven Graphic-Design

Prof. Steven Skaggs
Meta-design with Machine Learning for Graphic Design

5.15 pm (11.15 am, Central Standard Time, New York)

Maui Francis and Peter Vachon (IBM)

Intersections: Designing for the Perception of Convenience


7 pm
Closing remarks by organizers Marc Engenhart and Sebastian Löwe


The day ends with the release show of ROBODADA, a software for emotional robots. Grab your drinks and start socializing with robots.

ROBODADA Release Show

7.10 pm
Prof. Andreas Muxel & Elias Naphausen

ROBODADA, Speed-Dating with (Un)Friendly Robots

Saturday, September 19

Workshop – Zoom Workshop Room

2.30 pm (CEST, Berlin)
Introduction by organizers Marc Engenhart and Sebastian Löwe


For everyone who craves a hands-on experience after two days of theoretical input. Your workshop host Ellen Nickles helps you broaden your creative horizon with ml tools. Max. 10 participants, outcomes will be shared on the dai digital platform.

2.45 pm
Workshop by Ellen Nickles

Augmenting Creative Practices with ML